Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Services

If you’d like to work in the community, our supported employment program helps you find a job. This program provides assistance in three phases of the job search process:

  • CAREER ASSESSMENT: We work with you to identify the types of jobs that are most suitable for you based on your personal interests, skills, educational and training background, and work or volunteer history. We also help you identify areas for training or additional skills development that will help you achieve your goals.
  • JOB FINDING or DEVELOPMENT: We use the information we uncover in your career assessment to find a job that matches your assessed strengths, skills, and interests. Our services include employer outreach and orientation, resume preparation and interview assistance.
  • JOB COACHING: When you’ve secured employment, we provide training and ongoing support for you and your employer to help ease your transition into the workplace. We offer job coaching on 1:1 and 1:2 staff to client ratios based on an individualized level of support.

If you’re an adult with an Autism-only diagnosis, we provide the services outlined above as well as additional supports to help you achieve success.

For more information about our Paid Work Training Experience, please contact:

WIN Services

724-775-0415 ext.3101