Work Ready Program

Get the help you need to stabilize all areas of your life and become self-sufficient.

The Work Ready program helps individuals who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), develop the life skills they need to live and work independently.

Gain the training and education necessary to secure employment while developing the problem-solving skills you need to navigate all areas of your life at home and work. With help from our staff, you’ll improve your ability to stay motivated and committed to achieving your personal and professional goals.

Some of the activities available through the Work-Ready program include:

      • Community Service Activities
      • Job-readiness Training
      • Paid Work Experiences

For information on how to obtain a referral to the Work-Ready program, please contact:
Department of Human Services

County Assistance Office, 171 Virginia Avenue, Rochester, PA 15074


For additional information about the Word-Ready program, please contact:
Monica Cordell

Work-Ready Program Coordinator

724-378-4750 ext.1240


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