Philosophy and Mission

Philosophy and Mission

At the Beaver County Rehabilitation Center, it’s our mission to provide opportunity for personal growth and independence while respecting the dignity and uniqueness of each individual we serve

We believe every person is different.  Every person has intrinsic value.  Every person has the right to have control over their life.  Every person deserves to feel safe in their home and community.  And every person our agency serves should have the same rights afforded to all citizens.

Our participants deserve to have the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities that improve their quality of life, encourage personal growth and move them toward their desired outcomes.  They deserve to work with highly skilled and trained professionals who prioritize their health and well-being, while helping them develop the skills they need for greater independence, choice, opportunity and inclusion in the community.

We offer a broad array of habilitation, employment and mental health services designed to assist everyone who walks through our doors achieve their personal, employment and recovery goals. 
We recognize that every person who comes to us seeking help has their own set of strengths, abilities, interests, preferences, needs and desired outcomes. Our services must be customized to uphold the unique needs and personal goals of each of our clients. 

To make this a reality, the services and supports we provide are driven by the following guiding principles:

Our services are participant driven.  We believe our participants should be able to choose and have control over the services they receive and the activities in which they participate.  We work with each of our participants to identify their personal goals.  Then we develop an individualized service plan to cultivate the skills they need to achieve their desired outcomes. 

We make sure the interests, preferences and personal goals of out participants remain a priority while they receive services from us.  We take advantage of our participants’ unique strengths and abilities, while identifying areas for growth and improvement, so we can help them develop the skills they need to achieve their goals.  If changes need to be made to the services we provide, they are made with input from the participant. 

Our supports are individualized.  Challenges to employment, personal goals and recovery look different for different people.  We believe our participants have the right to receive support until they have acquired the skills they need to achieve their desired outcomes.

We offer a comprehensive array of services and programs for youth and adults that we customize to meet the specific needs of each person who walks through our doors.  Whether our participants have a physical, intellectual, developmental, psychiatric or co-occurring disability, we have the supports available to assist them as they transition to employment and/or recovery. 

Our approach is collaborative.  We understand that life can present unexpected challenges as our participants pursue their goals.  We believe having comprehensive and continuous support is vital to their success.  We welcome the opportunity to work with other agencies and our clients’ natural support systems to ensure they receive the most effective assistance possible.

Our vision is to ensure that everyone our agency serves, regardless of the barriers they face, acquires the skills they need to achieve their employment and recovery goals, experience increased independence and become contributing members of their community.