Employment Services

Mental Health Transformation

(MHT) services provide assistance to people moving forward in recovery and who identify competitive and integrated employment goals. The staff to client ratio for this service is 1:1 due to the highly
individualized nature of employment support. This program may
include Benefits Counseling, as necessary.

Paid Work Training Experience

(PWTE) is a program for people with mental illness that provides work and training experience for six months. The outcome of the program is employment. Participants receive on-site job coach support and supervision before independently entering the workforce. During this time, staff will address communication skills, worksite conflict, appropriate behavior, and other barriers that may hinder job retention. This program also serves female inmates from the Beaver County Jail as a work release site.

Vocational Preparation

Provides a facility setting with close, supportive supervision. Participants have the opportunity to try a variety of work experiences to promote good work habits, skills, and increased confidence. Individuals are typically referred to this service by local case management entities

Community Employment

Services are for those individuals expressing hesitancy toward competitive employment or community integrated activities. This program seeks to engage participants in vocational education and exploration in the community in an effort to help them embrace their potential for competitive employment. Activities include paid transitional work experiences, career observations, job shadowing opportunities, educational tours, and benefits counseling activities.

For more information on how to enroll in Mental Health Employment services, please contact:

Adam Loverich

Mental Health Program Coordinator