Community Participation

Community Participation

Gain the skills you need to live and work in your community when you take part in our community participation program.

The program combines job training, work experience and community membership activities to improve your employment potential and allow you to fully participate in your community.

You’ll have a chance to participate in community-based activities, giving you an opportunity to learn about, participate in and interact with the community at large. These interactions can lead to meaningful connections and employment options.

Examples of services commonly provided through this program include:

  • Prevocational skill development

  • Participation in community adult-learning opportunities

  • Building and maintaining relationships and social networks that provide friendship and support

  • Participation in activities related to hobbies, leisure or cultural interests

  • Training and education for self-determination and self-advocacy

To Learn more about our Community Participation program, please contact:

Barbara Sharer

Production Manager

724-378-4750 ext.1111